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Each MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® type is quirky in their own way.

Imagine what those quirks would be like when mixed with weed. Here’s what MBTI type is like when high.

ENTJ: The normally frazzled ENTJ feels relaxed for the first time in ages, puffing like a chimney without a care in the world. Half an hour later, she realizes she isn’t used to this strange, new feeling, so she does a quick Google search on how to get rid of the high.

ENTP: The ENTP ecstatically narrates the possible applications of mind-altering substances in mind control, time travel, information gathering, and so on. His excitement turns to paranoia when he realizes that the CIA already initiated a similar Project MKUltra in the past.

ENFJ: The ENFJ loudly proclaims his plans to start a spiritual commune up in the mountains, where he will live in isolation with a selected few. He starts crying in the middle of his rhetoric when he remembers all the people he will no longer see.

ESFJ: The ESFJ is struck by sadness when she remembers that insensitive thing she said to her best friend three years ago. So she contacts her, and they have a heart-to-heart talk throughout the duration of her high.

ESTP: The ESTP has impulsively decided to climb up the tallest building in the city and go bungee jumping. If anybody can dare to get higher than high, it’s the ESTP.

ESFP: The ESFP starts telling loud jokes that he has told everyone countless times before. When nobody listens to him, he starts pranking random people and bursts out in laughter even when the prank fails.

ESTJ: The ESTJ becomes sleepy and was just about to doze off when he hears ESFP and ISTP brawling. He threatens to call the cops if the two don’t knock it off.

ENFP: Drugs? The ENFP does not do drugs. He is drugs.

INTJ: The INTJ is strategic about everything, even recreational drug use. So he purposely schedules the session between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. so he can get a solid five hours of sleep after and still make it to work the next day.

INFJ: Quiet and dazed, the INFJ takes out the manuscript that she has been working on for five years and miraculously finishes the novel after two hours.

INFP: The INFP is excited to join the ENFJ’s commune. In fact, she’s been waiting for this day for years and already packed all her books into a suitcase. Half-dreaming, she then proceeds to write a sincere farewell letter addressed to her loved ones.

ISTJ: Despite his uptight reputation, the ISTJ actually likes getting high. What he doesn’t like is the idea of getting caught. So he spends the next couple of hours reading about how to effectively pass a drug test in case he has to go through one at work.

ISFJ: The ISFJ only came along because all her other friends asked her to. After a few puffs, she proceeds to make sure everyone is comfortable and regularly checks their pulse to see if they are still alive.

ISTP: The ISTP silently observes everyone in his trademark aloofness. Then he gets pissed off at the ESFP’s roughhousing and challenges him to a fight.

INTP: The INTP has been listening intently to the ENTP’s long-winding monologue. Although struggling to focus, he successfully takes down notes he can use later when he conducts his own experiments.

ISFP: The ISFP gets out cans of spray paint she has saved for a special occasion and spends the next three hours transforming the firewall of her apartment building into a mural.

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