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Wedding Cake (2018 HT Winner Best Hybrid – New)

An Indica dominated hybrid which has been developed by crossing animal mints and triangle cookies to provide an aroma which would be fruity flavored similar to a pie and cookies with a pleasing effect in the nostrils and tasteful to the palate. The THC levels are comparatively high at around 14 to 18% with the CBD content estimated at 0.23%. It is used on some patients as an alternative to strong sedatives and being a natural it would not have any evident long .term after effects. Regular usage could enhance focus and increase energy levels providing the impetus to improve creativity and concentration. Stress disorders, aches, and pains are just among the many common issues that could be treated effectively by using this particular strain. It is quite popular among users for its strong effects in treating and in some cases even curing some common health issues.

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