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A good mix of Sativa and Indica in a very potent combination of 10:90 in ratio respectively, providing a strong strain to treat many common health issues we see around us today. It is very popular in selected states around the country and along the west coast. It creates an immense feeling of euphoria and happiness which would last long enough toenjoy every minute of it and also ensure a feeling of creativeness within. It derives its name as it was first bred along the Lake Tahoe in California and has now spread far and wide. It has a strong lemon smell and a strong pungent taste which combines well to provide the right impetus for any discerning user. It is popularly used to treat insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD and ADHD among many other common health issues. This special strain would be what everybody has been waiting for to ensure that they have a carefree and health lifestyle. 

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