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The SFV OG is also known as the San Fernando Valley OG and is the parent for the Afghan strain SFV OG Kush and is a sativa dominated hybrid introduced by Cali Connection and has a very strong effect on all types of body aches and pains. This has made it a very popular strain among those who have been suffering from various painful issues which could be physical and mental too in the past. The pine and lemon combination in the smell that it exudes could be a bit bitter when used especially if smoked hence could be a bit unnerving for some. On a vaporizer, it would not be that noticeable and would be the best mode to use. The THC levels could be anything between 17 to 22% which provides a very strong and potent sedative effect that could be helpful to treat many types of common health issues, especially anxiety, body aches and bring about total relaxation.

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