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The efficacy of Cannabis as a medicinal plant has been proven repeatedly be researchers. People are becoming aware that marijuana is more thanan illicit drug; it is a healing plant that can be prepared in several ways to treat various ailments.

A woman recently discovered by accident that juicing the plant is an effective means of releasing the powerful therapeutic benefits from marijuana. Juicing enhances digestion so that your body can absorb the valuable compounds in the plant. One may conclude that juicing can increase the potency of the beneficial features released by smoking, vaporizing, and eating cannabis. Some groups had affirmed that besides getting high, juicing of raw cannabis is the most potent means of releasing the power of this plant without getting intoxicated.

The active ingredient within cannabis is called cannabidiol which is different from the intoxicating compound, THC. A leading online natural health journal described the physiological effects of CBD as intercepting the neurotransmission in the central nervous system to provide a bi-directional system of communication with the brain which results in a positive “feedback loop.”

The founder of Cannabis International, Dr. William Courtneyis arguably the leading proponent of using the raw cannabis juice for treatment. His wife later joined him in the campaign with a viral testimonial video after the husband successfully treated her ailment using the juice from raw cannabis.

Another vivid example of the efficacy of the therapeutic method is the case of Kristen Peskuski, a researcher who has suffered rheumatoid arthritis from the age of 16. She released a video where she described how she treated her ailment with the raw cannabis juice successfully and had discontinued her standard treatment regimen that includes 40 different drug prescriptions! In the same video that went viral, she discussed how a 2-year old toddler overcame brain tumor with the raw cannabis juice.

Dr. Ethab Russo, the Director of Research and Development at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute spoke extensively regarding the beneficial effects of raw cannabis on the nervous, immune and skeletal system. The physician and board-certified Neurologist affirmed that the endogenous cannabinoid system regulates the nervous, immune and skeletal system. He went on to state that if these systems are derailed biochemically, an exogenous cannabinoid (such as marijuana) might as well restore the balance. These facts may be the underlying factor behind the efficacy of cannabis as a medicinal plant.

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