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A cross combination between the superlative strain Larry OG and the potent Grand Daddy Purps to provide a dominant and rare hybrid with Indica/Sativa ratio of 80 %: 20%. The high THC levels which could border between 18 to 20% provide the right impetus for all those who have a discerning eye on Purple Punch. The aroma when the nuggets are split is a distinct blueberry and grapes combination which is soothing to the nose and when used pleasing to taste. It is very effective in treating nausea, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and depression among many other issues. It provides a completely soothing relaxation which has to be experienced to really know how the feeling would be. It also brings out creativity and a high-end string of words to make easy conversation in any forum. The orange colored hair like strands on the bud gives it a very pleasant appearance added on with trichomes all around.

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