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Kerri Parker, a 34-year-old former Playboy model, has refused to undergo the conventional treatment for cancer. She was first diagnosed with having a tumor on her brain four years ago, the tumor was then removed. But however, as is the case with some cases of cancer, the cancer is back and she was informed of this in September. Hearing the news, Kerri who is a former lab technician has claimed that THC oil is her best chance of winning the battle against cancer, and not chemotherapy and radiotherapy as suggested by the doctors.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis. The THC is a psychoactive ingredient that is infused into legal CBD oil. It has therapeutic effects and as such is employed in the medical field to treat inflammation, as a pain reliever and to reduce anxiety. Only a trace amount of THC is found in CBD oil, nothing more than 0.2 percent, this quantity is not enough to get anyone “high”.

Although CBD oil can be purchased in the UK legally for its medical use, Kerri purchases her cannabis from Spain where it is legal. Her decision to treat her brain cancer with cannabis will put her at the risk of facing jail time -cannabis use is illegal.

UK classifies cannabis as a category B drug thus possessing the drug alone can land one with a 5 years sentence, a fine or sometimes, both if you’re not lucky. And for cannabis dealers, they get an additional 9 years making 14 in total for jail time, a fine or both.

Still, Kerri is adamant on going with her plan with the firm hope that no judge would punish anyone for using an illegal drug to save their life.

Kerri is a former Miss UK who now runs a model academy and has a nutrition business too. Having heard of cancer patients who got treated with cannabis oil, she’s quite happy and relieved that she doesn’t have to subject her body to the required 10-12 cycles of chemo that will make her sick.

Her decision is further driven by the fact that she considers herself to be fit and healthy. She’s also training for a black belt in martial arts and has no interest in any treatment that will cost her her hair or make her unable to have an everyday normal life.

The Cancer Research UK website and a professor of Cancer Medicine and Oncology at Imperial College London, both say that cannabis has no proven anticarcinogenic properties, Kerri is still willing to do this with the full support of her family.

Her family and friends are fully in support of her decision and Kerri couldn’t ask for more.

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