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7 Reasons to Try Out a Cannabis Delivery Service

7 Reasons to Try Out a Cannabis Delivery Service Do you want your weed but don’t have the time or the means to go to a dispensary? Here are some

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How to Find the Best Marijuana Dispensary in Your Area

Are you struggling to find a great and reliable dispensary in your area? Follow our tips on how to discover the best marijuana dispensary your location has to offer.

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OG Kush

If you take a look at the cannabis varieties that originated from the West Coast, you will figure out that OG Kush is the backbone of them. OG Kush originated

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Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a variant of an OG Kush. It is originated in California and has become popular among consumers who live in every corner of the world. The

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Blue Dream

Blue dream is a hybrid that is originated in California. Among the coast strains, Blue Dream has received a lot of attention. The best thing about Blue dream is that

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What Each MBTI Personality Is Like When High

Each MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® type is quirky in their own way. Imagine what those quirks would be like when mixed with weed. Here’s what MBTI type is like when high.

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