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If you take a look at the cannabis varieties that originated from the West Coast, you will figure out that OG Kush is the backbone of them. OG Kush originated in Florida, but it received a lot of attention from the consumers in California. You can also find a large number of sub-variants in OG Kush. Diablo OG, Ghost OG, SFV OG and Tahoe OG are to name a few. The unique ability of OG Kush to help people in getting rid of stress is well known. The heavy euphoria content found in OG Kush is responsible for delivering such amazing results. In addition, OG Kush is made out of a sour lemon scent and an earthy pine. This has delivered a perfect and a one of a kind aroma to OG Kush. It is the signature of OG Kush and you can easily differentiate it from the other forms of cannabis.

Cross between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush

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