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Its distinct sharp and pungent aroma could be detected from a fair distance, which makes this Cannabis strain stand out from the others. The Chemdawg strain has impressed upon everyone a very indelible sense of smell and one that could be distinctively differentiated due to this very important trait. Incidentally, the origins of this strain have been kept under wraps and nothing much is known about it. It has also been the base for many extravagant strains which have all been accepted with glee by those who have had a chance at experiencing them. Sour Diesel and OG Kush is just a couple of the strains that have been derived from Chemdawg. It has high levels of THC extending up to around 15% to 20% depending on many external factors and could be very potent when used. Chemdawg could bring a feeling of happiness, relax a tried body, uplift mood and help in many other positives.

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