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Playboy model treating brain cancer with “illegal” cannabis oil

Kerri Parker, a 34-year-old former Playboy model, has refused to undergo the conventional treatment for cancer. She was first diagnosed with having a tumor on her brain four years ago,

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Cannabis inflicts long-term damage on teenage brains

According to a research that lasted for 4 years, it has been discovered that cannabis use by teenagers lead to long lasting effects. These effects includes struggling with reasoning, memory

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Raw Cannabis Juice ends the need for40 Medications!

The efficacy of Cannabis as a medicinal plant has been proven repeatedly be researchers. People are becoming aware that marijuana is more thanan illicit drug; it is a healing plant that

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Is Pot Good For You? The Most Recent News on the Benefits Of Marijuana for Your Health

Is pot good for you? And your most burning questions about the health effects of weed answered here. This article contains 2018 cannabis news related to health.

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