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This is also a Sativa dominated Cannabis strain with a ratio of 7:3 divided between Sativa and Indica along with a comparatively high percentage of THC at average levels of 24 to 29%. The constitution of CBD and CBM would be around 1% each making this strain stands out among all others as special in its category. It has a very strong sweet aroma which is a cross between two very popular strains the Grand Daddy Purps and Platinum Cookies giving it that extra edge over others. The plant itself would be presentable with a few specks of gold on it and is pleasing to look. It is good to treat bipolar disorders, chronic pain of all types in any place on the body, manage depression and to treat ADHD among many other health issues. It is generally used during the day to keep oneself in the right spirits to execute delegated tasks with a soothing mind.

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