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Clinched the top position in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2000 for the Best Indica strain for that year and since then, it has propelled itself to the A-List on the all times popular Cannabis strains. A chance discovery when the famous American Cannabis breeder D.J Short was experimenting with different strains more than four decades ago. BlueBerry is much sought after today by breeders and users alike and with its sweet smelling aroma of farm fresh blueberries it has increased the interest among many. It’s relaxing properties combined with inducing a high sense of euphoria makes it a favorite among all those who have had the opportunity to take a whiff from it. Pain and stress could be effectively controlled which makes this strain stand out providing users just the effects they would need when using the Cannabis strain that they would prefer. Growers are overwhelmed by the multiple colors it exudes coupled with the high levels of THC that it contains.

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